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Enhanced Wellness Solutions

About Us

At Equine Performance Therapy, we sincerely care about your animal's health. Our Certified MagnaWave Practitioner works diligently to provide clients with the best care. These results can be achieved through non-invasive, drug-free, sessions. 

We take pride in understanding our client needs to reach optimal wellness. Equine Performance Therapy is ready to help small animals, horses, or livestock. Enjoy stress-free treatments in your barn or at show facilities. Now offering transportation services as well! Servicing the Orlando and Ocala area. Get in touch today to begin enhanced wellness solutions!

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What is MagnaWave?

MagnaWave delivers pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) through a coil placed on the body that helps "recharge" unhealthy cells with improved oxygenation and circulation, returning them to normal function.

Comparison to magnetic therapy blankets?

MagnaWave is not a static magnet. The difference is the delivery method, power, and deeper penetration. The higher PEMF power provides shorter treatment times and often immediate results.

What are the benefits?

PEMF is said to improve cellular absorption of oxygen and nutrients, while eliminating toxins, resulting in inflammation reduction, improved recovery times, and performance in a drug-free way. 

Why treat the whole body?

By increasing the cellular exercise in the whole body, any sensitive area continues to be helped as super oxygenated blood flows through the area. The lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated, thus reducing inflammation.

How long is a session?

Normal session time is 30 minutes for a horse and can vary for livestock and small animals. Sessions focused on one area may take longer. Your equine athlete/pet can be ridden or worked immediately after a session as there is no recovery time.

Can PEMF be used pre-event?

Yes, but at the trainer’s discretion. Some clients are more relaxed after their session, so they might not have the same edge before an event. Others may be ready to perform as they normally would.

Our Services



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Small Animals

Providing optimal care for beloved pets. Pet owners can see noticeable differences in their pets’ attitudes and energy in consistent sessions. Includes dogs and cats of all sizes and ages.




Offering service to all disciplines and breeds. Service consists of a 45-minute full body session. Each treatment is custom to the discipline demands. 


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From cattle, to swine, sheep, and goats, MagnaWave keeps your animals looking fresh and moving sound. Custom to the animal being treated.



Transportation Services

Now proudly offering equine transportation services! Ensuring safe and efficient travel for your companions. Whether you need travel to a show or last-minute adjustments, we are here to help! 

Based in Ocala but will travel for pickup as needed. Well acquainted with Ocala equine hospitals. Trailer can haul two horses at a time. Feel free to submit an inquiry through the contact form for an estimate!

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